[Athen] Decidedly low tech - alternatives to 3-ring binders?

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When you move to the more electronic method, look at Microsoft OneNote...it
will hold everything including scanned documents and web content as well as
audio of lectures. Scripts for DNS can easily be made. It is designed to be
an electronic three ring binder.

Cheers, Karen

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Hi all!

I'm looking for alternatives to the standard 3-ring notebook for a
couple of students (one post-secondary, one middle school) who have
difficulty opening and closing those rings and lining up the paper
holes (due to fine motor problems). They need to be able to
reorganize their own notes as well as include handouts provided by the
teacher. Loose-leaf pockets won't help because this prevents them
from easily flipping through the pages (and pages fall out). The
eventual goal is to move toward using more electronic files, but
there's still a need for dealing with physical papers right now. Any


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