[Athen] JAWS, Braille and the Phonetic Alphabet

Nind, Rich M R.M.Nind at shu.ac.uk
Fri Oct 16 08:17:09 PDT 2009

Hi all,

We've got a student who's suddenly transferred from an English/Ed studies course to English. This involves a language module which involves reading and writing the phonetic alphabet.

The student is a proficient JAWS reader and Braille user. From my initial scans of the internet it seems that JAWS can't read the phonetic alphabet directly, but can with some trickery, decode a set of symbols representing a word into a word broken into syllables. This doesn't seem to be particularly useful though, and may actually be counterproductive in any kind of assessment. There is a Braille notation for the International Phonetic Alphabet though, which hopefully we'll be able to produce with our equipment (we've got a Viewplus with Tiger software). There is the further complication of the student learning the new Braille notation too.

Does anybody have experience of working through a similar module with a student?, or of brailling this type of material?. Also are there any good resources for a braille user to learn this code?. Any experiences or advice on or off list will be most welcome.

Many thanks

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