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Math Talk with Scientific Notebook is one of the essential keys to
accommodating this disability.

Works with Dragon Naturally Speaking. It is EXTREMELY easy to learn to
use, especially with DNS 10 and the 'no training' required. Two
vocabularies are necessary for math: the military alphabet and the greek
alphabet. I produced laminated 2-sided cards for our adaptive lab so
students would not have to memorize the alphabets.

Dyscalculia, in a nutshell, operates the same way in which dyslexia does
--instead of letters or words being reversed while reading, the numbers,
columns and/or functions are reversed when writing it down. Students are
successful in being able to read & understand the problems but cannot
write them straight.

Also helpful is graphing paper for homework --helps with keeping things
in columns.

A talking calculator may or may not be helpful...the part of this
disability is not based in reading the information incorrectly; it's in
not being able to write/recognize that it's not written or copied correctly.

Would be happy to help more if you need.


Patrick Burke wrote:

> Hi everyone,


> I just had a question come in from Wyoming, asking about what tools

> are available for students with dyscalculia at the post-sec. level.


> Dyscalculia is an area I don't know much about, let alone what

> relevant provisions there are under Wyoming disability law.


> So, with all the Rocky Mountain folks around here, I thought someone

> might be able to send some pointers. I can either fwd the answers or,

> if you don't mind, put you in touch directly with the person asking

> the questions.



> So, we're looking for both tools that help dyscalculia (talking

> calculators? other?), as well as self-help / advocacy resources.


> Thanks very much in advance, & very sorry that I won't be making my

> own trip to the Rockies next month.


> Thanks!


> Patrick


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