[Athen] Question About Dyscalculia From Wyoming

Jeffrey Dell jeffreydell99 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 23 10:49:42 PDT 2009

Here is what I've got but these are ideas. I don't have much
experience implementing them for Dyscalculia.

Dragon Naturally Speaking and MathTalk or MathPad
This would give the user the ability to input the equations by voice
and interact with Scientific Notebook to solve problems.
Talking Calculators with K3000 and R&W Gold
Orion TI 36
If the TTS feature is setup in Mac the calculator included with the
Mac OS is supposed to act as a talking calculator.
There are a wide variety of Text to speech engines that will read word
problems. Read and Write Gold will read the word problems and math
expressions using MathPlayer.
Inspiration and Concept mapping programs.
Inspiration will do nothing for solving the math problems but it can
be used to create decision trees and concept maps that will help the
student with determining the best way to solve a problem. These can
then be used as notes when completing homework independently or taking
Solver macros in Microsoft Excel and the 2003 version even has a TTS feature
Here is a link for low tech or no tech accommodations


On 10/23/09, Patrick Burke <burke at ucla.edu> wrote:

> Hi everyone,


> I just had a question come in from Wyoming, asking about what tools

> are available for students with dyscalculia at the post-sec. level.


> Dyscalculia is an area I don't know much about, let alone what

> relevant provisions there are under Wyoming disability law.


> So, with all the Rocky Mountain folks around here, I thought someone

> might be able to send some pointers. I can either fwd the answers or,

> if you don't mind, put you in touch directly with the person asking

> the questions.



> So, we're looking for both tools that help dyscalculia (talking

> calculators? other?), as well as self-help / advocacy resources.


> Thanks very much in advance, & very sorry that I won't be making my

> own trip to the Rockies next month.


> Thanks!


> Patrick


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