[Athen] Web Accessibility for Online Learning

Hadi Rangin hadi at illinois.edu
Mon Sep 14 08:21:46 PDT 2009


I recently worked on a project for Sloan/CANnect called "Web Accessibility
for Online Learning". Thanks to Ken Petri from Ohio State University and
Prof. Norm Coombs from EASI for their great help and support throughout this

The approach we took was to see the possibilities through the concepts of
Universal Design and how they can be applied in the creation of educational
Next, we wanted to provide a practical guide for Best Practices that clearly
recommended techniques to help instructors and course designers create more
usable and accessible content. We sincerely hope you find this work
enlightening and helpful.

This can be a good resource for any faculty, instructor, instructional
designer, or anyone who creates online educational materials.
The project has been officially posted at CANnect web site and will be
posted at Sloan Consortium very soon.

Please go to the following link and bookmark it.



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