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Web Accessibility for Online Learning: A How-To Guide for Creating
Accessible Content
Discover how principles of universal design can help you create course
content that can be accessed and used by anyone, including people with
disabilities. By the end of this workshop, participants will have a good
understanding of the Universal Design Principles for Online Learning,
potential accessibility/usability issues that need to be considered in
course design, and how to create more accessible/usable course content.
As the workshop focus will be on web accessibility, familiarity with an
HTML authoring tool is desired but not required.
This workshop will be offered by Hadi Rangin (University of Illinois),
Prof. norm Coombs (Equal Access to Science and Information) and Marc
Thompson (University of Illinois).
This workshop is offered over 10 consecutive days and requires
approximately one hour of reading per day. 3 small individual
assignments will build on one another to produce a final project
submission that will showcase each participant’s understanding of how to
apply universal design principles to communication, teaching, and basic
course design, including basic web authoring, styling, and multimedia
considerations. Daily focused group discussion will help participants
gain a better understanding of key design problems, ideas, and potential
solutions. Participants are strongly encouraged to share their ideas,
questions, and answers in the workshop discussions and will be
automatically enrolled in the discussion list upon registration.
Additionally, this workshop will host 3 live, synchronous sessions (on
days 1, 6, and 10) via an accessible web conferencing application called
Talking Communities.Workshop Goals
This workshop will enable participants to:
Develop an understanding of Universal Design Principles for Online
Understand how people with disabilities access the web and other
Develop an understanding of potential accessibility/usability issues
that need to be considered in course design.
Create more accessible/usable HTML-based course content.
Create more accessible/usable Microsoft Word documents.

This workshop is offered via Sloan Consortium and eligible for Sloan-C
Certificate Program.
This workshop is a fee-based workshop; however, the fee will be
reimbursed upon successful completion of the workshop.

For more information visit: http://sloanconsortium.org/node/879
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