[Athen] Web Accessibility for Online Learning

Hadi Rangin hadi at illinois.edu
Wed Apr 14 06:46:11 PDT 2010

Is this course free? And is taught completely online?

Sloan-c has a limited numbers of stipends and to my understanding everyone can use it. The only condition is that participants can receive it upon the success completion of the workshop. So participants will pay for the workshop in advance and the fee will be reimbursed once they complete the workshop.

We purposely did it this way because we have very limited number of seats for this workshop and we don't want people reserve it because it is free and do not come to the workshop.
for more information please contact:
Kathleen Susan Ives at
kives at sloanconsortium.org

Yes, the workshop is online but we will have 3 live sessions on day 1, 6 and 10. for more information, please go to:


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