[Athen] PeopleSoft - Disability Codes

Dawn Hunziker hunziker at email.arizona.edu
Tue Apr 13 11:24:46 PDT 2010

Hi all,

I'm hoping some of you may have past experience and be able to provide
some input. The University of Arizona is in the process of changing our
student records administration over to Peoplesoft. With our old system,
we were able to flag students affiliated with our Disability Resource
Center and have this flag / information hidden from other users.
However, with the changeover to Peoplesoft, we are being told that this
is no longer a possibility without extensive, cost-prohibitive changes
to the code.

Iif you're using Peoplesoft, how are you "flagging" students with
disabilities? Are you using the default "disability" checkbox or are
you using another feature such as a group indicator or service
indicator? Any information you are able to share is very much appreciated.



Dawn Hunziker
Assistive Technology Coordinator

University of Arizona
Disability Resource Center

Web Page: http://drc.arizona.edu
hunziker at email.arizona.edu

Mailing Address:
Disability Resouce Center
1224 E. Lowell St.
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