[Athen] Newest version of InftyReader and Save as Daisy.

Ron Stewart ron at altformatsolutions.com
Tue Apr 13 12:33:08 PDT 2010

Hi all,

I have been playing around with the newest version of InftyReader 2.8.1.
with an Algebra II textbook. It did a very nice job of recognizing the
symbology in the 254 page 600DPI pdf and the raw text recognition looks
pretty good as well. I saved it out as a Word2007 document and it also
appears that the MathML is fairly well formed.

Unfortunately the structural recognition leaves still leaves a lot be to be
desired, most of the font sizing and page justifications are lost as well as
the original pagination. So the new Toshiba OCR engine they have included
seems to have improved the text recognition but did not retain any
differentiation in font sizing or layout as Omnipage or Abbyy Fine Reader
would have. My guess is that it will take several hours to restore the page
structure and then I will start looking at the

I am attempting to create this as a DAISY 3 book so we shall see how long it
takes to restyle the whole thing and create a finished product. I would
appreciate any feedback others may have as well.



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