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Sat Apr 17 06:19:53 PDT 2010

Just my $02, but when folks say 'text-only DAISY', they may not be
taking the .smil file in to account. If you look a DAISY file from
Bookshare you will see they still have a .smil file even though there
is no synchronized audio. Doesn't make much sense to me but if it
weren't important they wouldn't include it..

On Fri, Apr 16, 2010 at 2:09 PM, Sean J Keegan <skeegan at stanford.edu> wrote:

> Hi Jon,


> Sorry - I realized I had not responded to some of your questions.  How is it

> already April 16?


>> How are the DAISY books being read? Do you really

>> need the PC to generate the speech in advance? Could

>> you use the DAISY pipeline to create text-only

>> filesets from your DTBook XML instead of embedding

>> the speech?


> Right now I am looking at a variety of DAISY software applications for both

> Mac and Windows, including free applications as well as vendor-based

> solutions.  I am leaning toward applications that provide at least some

> method of adding notes/bookmarks and those that support math.


> I would actually prefer not to generate speech and go with text-only DAISY

> books as a lot of students have voices they prefer which differ from what we

> may have.  There is no appetite for portable DAISY devices unless it works

> on an iPhone or iPad touch, so for now, text-only would be the likely

> format.


> I did play with the Pipeline a bit, but it was not always working as

> expected (results were sometimes inconsistent) and some players would open

> the DTBook XML file, but were not happy with the DAISY text-only file.  A

> bit weird, but it was also likely small differences in the authoring of the

> document (I am using some legacy materials to assess how easy it would be to

> convert those to DAISY).  That being said, I have not tried the latest

> version of the Pipeline and will be working on that next week.


> Thanks for your thoughts and ideas.


> Take care,

> Sean


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