[Athen] Question about Save As DAISY

Sean J Keegan skeegan at stanford.edu
Fri Apr 16 11:09:28 PDT 2010

Hi Jon,

Sorry - I realized I had not responded to some of your questions. How
is it already April 16?

> How are the DAISY books being read? Do you really
> need the PC to generate the speech in advance? Could
> you use the DAISY pipeline to create text-only
> filesets from your DTBook XML instead of embedding
> the speech?

Right now I am looking at a variety of DAISY software applications for
both Mac and Windows, including free applications as well as
vendor-based solutions. I am leaning toward applications that provide
at least some method of adding notes/bookmarks and those that support math.

I would actually prefer not to generate speech and go with text-only
DAISY books as a lot of students have voices they prefer which differ
from what we may have. There is no appetite for portable DAISY devices
unless it works on an iPhone or iPad touch, so for now, text-only would
be the likely format.

I did play with the Pipeline a bit, but it was not always working as
expected (results were sometimes inconsistent) and some players would
open the DTBook XML file, but were not happy with the DAISY text-only
file. A bit weird, but it was also likely small differences in the
authoring of the document (I am using some legacy materials to assess
how easy it would be to convert those to DAISY). That being said, I
have not tried the latest version of the Pipeline and will be working on
that next week.

Thanks for your thoughts and ideas.

Take care,
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