[Athen] Dragonize a desktop calculator with print out?

Catalina Colaci ccolaci at yukoncollege.yk.ca
Wed Apr 21 14:10:22 PDT 2010

Hi, everybody
Perhaps you already had discuss the following ; if so, Would you mind sending me the information?
If not, then, Could we discuss feasible solutions to the problem?

A client with mobility impairment /partial paralysis of the fingers uses Dragon Naturally Speaking -version 10 preferred- to enter data in a computer.
This person is presently working in a government office in accounting after completing successfully the face to face and hands-on interview process. During the practical exam, the person was allowed to enter the data in Excel using DNS.

Now, the person is working the numbers from various spreadsheets and need a print-out to attach to the reports to show the math. Printing a whole letter sized sheet is out of the question, as they would go through way too much paper.

1) Is there a calculator with print-out/till-tape capabilities that will work with Dragon?.  Programs like MathPad or MathTalk do work with DNS, but they would still have the problem of printing a whole page. I imagine it would be a mobility challenge to work the separate totals in columns and then cut them.
2) Is there a computer compatible printer which could work with "calculator-type" paper roll (about 3" wide)? I remember years ago we use to print labels which came in a 3" roll directly from the computer... but I think that the printer was a dot matrix.

I will appreciate your ideas. Thanks and have an excellent day.

Catalina Colaci
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