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Have you looked into Browseoutloud ?
http://www.browsealoud.com/page.asp?pg_id=80059 from TextHelp

it is not too bad, it is relatively easy to download (for the public), it is free (to the public), and it updates itself (with the newest websites additions ) every time the computer is switched on.

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Ohio State is piloting ReadSpeaker Enterprise for the next year. It is not free but their pricing seems reasonable (I know "reasonable" is a relative term). If you want to write me directly, I can put you in contact with our rep. See how the "highlighting" player works here: http://www.voice-corp.com/en/text-to-speech-services-for-speech-enabling-the-web/ReadSpeaker-Enterprise/Solutions/Expanding-Player/

Set up on the VoiceCorp end is the most expensive part and then you pay by number of page views--bought in blocks, I believe. Implementing on your own pages is very simple. Users do not have to install anything.

Once implemented on a web page, the "highlighting" version reads, highlights as it reads, and allows for an MP3 to be downloaded. The speech synthesizers they use are very high quality. The web developer can set the playback speed.

Our pages show it working in a variety of circumstances, explain implementation in some detail, and discuss some problems we have discovered:


(P.S. please ignore our woefully out of date accessibility advice page---it is being revised in the next few weeks. Yes, I know, it's bad....)

RocTalk is another commercial product: http://www.roktalk.com/. No idea on pricing.

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On Wed, Apr 21, 2010 at 11:43 PM, Nettie Fischer <nettiet at gmail.com> wrote:
Hello all,
I am trying to find a way to have my website read aloud for my few but inquiring visitors.  Is there a low cost or hopefully free program out there that can be included in a website?

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