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I have a Booksense, and I love it, but even though I only received it at Christmas and didn't start using it until after New Year's, I have already had to have it replaced. It has a known issue with the jack where you plug in the power charger. I have had a similar issue with my laptop--after a while the contact becomes loose. It was easily exchanged because it is a known issue, but still, this could be a major hassle for you.

Also, the Booksense is pretty complex--I think one of the other Daisy players might be much more straightforward to learn.


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I am looking to purchase a Daisy hardware player that could survive as a loaner in a library setting. We have a Victor Classic plus and a few Telex Scholars and they are finally nearing the end of their days.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a "work horse" daisy player? Or would the Classic plus still be the one to buy? We use the Victor Wave and Stream for direct student loaning, but are looking for something a bit more sturdy for this purpose.


Jesse Hausler

Assistive Technology Resource Center

Colorado State University




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