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The Sony Reader doesn't natively support full DAISY filesets. Which are
made up of DTBook XML or HTML, NCX files, and SMIL files. The Sony
Reader does support EPUB. An EPUB book can potentially contain DAISY
(DTBook) XML but that has yet to happen in any meaningful commercial

So Wikipedia is correct. It's just that EPUB and DAISY haven't been
accepted as sister technologies yet.

This doesn't mean you can't get the content of a text-only DAISY book
onto a Sony Reader. It simply means that it isn't always easy to
maintain the original format or navigation features of the DAISY book.

If you are scanning your own books into DAISY XML then you could most
certainly put that XML into a working EPUB file.

DRM is another issue onto itself. Don't even get me started J


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Hey Guys,

I am doing research into book readers for students with learning
disabilities. I've searched this listserv and a few others, but am
still somewhat confused about ePub and Daisy. From what I understand,
ePub is a umbrella standard that consists of several e-book
specifications. According to the "all knowing" Wikipedia:

"EPUB internally uses XHTML or DTBook (an XML standard provided by the
DAISY Consortium) to represent the text and structure of the content
document, and a subset of CSS to provide layout and formatting."

If this is the case, why have I read in so many places (including the
listserv) that the Sony reader will not play DAISY? Assuming there is
no DRM (from RFB&D or otherwise), will the Sony Reader play a DAISY


Jesse Hausler

Colorado State University

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