[Athen] PaperShow captures handwriting, sends it wirelessly to computer

Shelley Haven ShelleyHaven at techpotential.net
Fri Feb 12 01:09:00 PST 2010

Have any of you ever used the device PaperShow, by the company
Canson? It's kind of a cross between a Livescribe Pulse smartpen and
a mimio whiteboard capture system. Using the same microdot paper
technology developed by Anoto, one writes on the paper with the
PaperShow pen, which wirelessly transmits the writing to a Mac or PC
(and thus can be projected). Using the PaperShow software, you can
print out an image or text on that special paper, write or draw on the
paper, and see your mark ups added to the image or text on the screen
in real time. You can even use the pen to erase annotations. Unlike
the Livescribe, though, there are no audio capabilities. Cost is $199.

Here's a link to the PaperShow website:

Apparently it's been out for about a year, and the company announced a
Mac version yesterday at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco:

Seems like there ought to be some cool assistive technology
applications for this...

- Shelley

Shelley Haven ATP, RET
Assistive Technology Consultant
Shelley at TechPotential.net

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