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Thanks that is helpful.


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The file sizes are fairly consistent across different book projects.

A book that is about 300 pages yields these file sizes:

16-bit Grayscale TIFF with Metadata 2.58 GB

Rich Text File 1.42 MB*

Word 2003 XML 2.51MB*

DAISY 3 Fileset 1.23MB*

* File sizes include added markup.

The average delivered file size is around 1-2 MB in RTF or DAISY.

Larger books make larger files but even if we process a book that is three
times that size the resulting DAISY fileset should only be about four or
five megabytes.

As far as storage, our approach is a simple one. "Get as much as you can."
We have two terabytes dedicated to storing TIFF and working data but we
aren't using all of it by any measure.

Let me know if you have specific any questions,


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Hi folks, I have had a request for some hard data on average book size and
storage capacities you are using in the more well developed Alt Format
programs. If you have any aggregate numbers and averages I would really
appreciate any data you can provide me.



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