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Hi Robert,
We used Five Finger Typist software, but it does its own tracking and I don't know how it would work within another program. There is a demo available http://www.typeonehand.com/demo.html
Best regards,

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1. one handed keyboarding (Robert Beach)


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Hi all,

It seems like I posted this question a couple of weeks ago, but I can't find any copy of it in my sent items, nor have I received any answers. So, here goes, possibly again.

I have a student who needs to type one handed. Word prediction software won't work as he is going to be taking a keyboarding class which records every keystroke for points.

I remember several years ago there was a program that would allow a person to type on a standard keyboard using either the left or right hand. To get the keys typically pressed by the opposite hand, you simply held down the spacebar while typing the matching key. For example, if you are typing left-handed and need the letter j, you would hold down the spacebar and press f.

I cannot seem to find the software now. However, I have found a keyboard (a very pricy keyboard) that does the same thing. I would prefer the software approach as the student will be more likely to afford that at home. The keyboard is over $500. If I remember correctly, the software was less than $100 back then.

Does anybody have any idea where I can find this software? If not, does anybody have another suggestion?


Robert Lee Beach
Assistive Technology Specialist
Kansas City Kansas Community College
7250 State Avenue
Kansas City, KS 66112
Phone: 913-288-7671
Fax: 913-288-7678
E-Mail: rbeach at kckcc.edu

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