[Athen] Questions for Vendors of Web-Based Applications

Melanie Thornton mpthornton at ualr.edu
Mon Feb 22 14:16:23 PST 2010

Hi all,

I have been asked to pull together some questions for someone who is
attending a conference where there will be vendors of various products.
I wonder if you have developed a set of questions that you share with
those who have access to vendors but who may not be able to construct
accessibility-related questions on their own. Here are some questions I
composed. I would love to have your input and/or your additions to this

Proposed questions:

* How was it determined that the product meets Section 508 or other
* Has usability testing been conducted by users who use keyboard
only access and/or screen readers?
* If accessibility problems are found is the company committed to
putting those fixes into a high priority queue rather than putting
them in a 'feature request" queue?
* Would the company be able/willing to sign a purchasing agreement
that states that this product meets 508 or other standards?
* Does the company have a contact person who is able to directly
answer questions related to accessibility concerns?
* Does documentation account for those who use assistive technology
and/or keyboard only?
* Where applicable, do tutorials written for faculty or staff who
are using the tool include information about best practices for
accessibility (i.e. adding descriptions of uploaded images,
document accessibility, etc.)?

Thanks in advance,



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