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Hi ATHEN experts!!
I got this question about e-readers. I have no idea whether any of them
are good enough for a school to buy or whether they are all real problems.
Please answer Bonnie directly or, if you reply here, I'll forward it to her.

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>Hello Marisol and Norm,


>I have taken a number of the EASI webinars and courses from you over the

>past couple of years and I'm hoping you can help me with a question I

>received from a colleague.


>Our library is considering the purchase of e-book readers. They want to

>be sure they look at all the options before a decision is made.


>They feel that Kindle is a definite no and that, so far, the iPad is

>getting good press from the point of view of accessibility. Do either one

>of you have any info on Nook (Barnes and Noble) or the Sony Ebook Reader?

>Could you provide any thoughts

>on which e-book readers would be good to purchase?


>Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


>Bonnie Robinson

>University of Maine

>Center for Community Inclusion & Disability Studies

>5717 Corbett Hall

>Orono, ME 04469

>207-581-1084 ext. 1384


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