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B.G.Whitehouse at lboro.ac.uk B.G.Whitehouse at lboro.ac.uk
Wed Feb 24 03:36:21 PST 2010

I interviewed Ebrary about accessibility as part of my phd
research. Apparently you have to email support to get them
to give you the accessibility settings you need. They were
tidying up some functionality with the site such as being
able to use the 'my bookshelf' features with a keyboard,
and there solution regarding access to content of a book
was to drop the contents in a separate html page. I tried
to get them to set me up temporary access via a demo site
to see what it was like (I'm a screen reader myself), but
nothing has happened on that front. I'd be interested in
hearing any other people's experiences on this. On Tue, 23
Feb 2010 15:44:31 -0800
Sean J Keegan <skeegan at stanford.edu> wrote:

> > This is new to me, our college library is using

> > online e-books through "ebrary" . Can these be

> > accessed with screen or text reading software.


> There is an accessibility announcement from eBrary in

>Dec. 2009 that refers to accessibility for students with

>disabilities (warning PDF):


> http://www.ebrary.com/corp/newspdf/ebrary_Accessibility.pdf;jsessionid=ENMCCLKMKNPJ


> I had a few meetings with company representatives

>several years ago and, because of the way in which the

>technology was being deployed, it was very difficult to

>get any assistive technology to work in the eBrary

>environment - some things worked, but most text-to-speech

>functionality was not supported. At the time, I believe

>the company was looking to just create their own

>assistive technology "solutions" within the eBrary

>system, but do not know if they finally pursued this



> However, according to the above PDF document, it seems

>that some changes have been made as of Dec. 2009 that

>does allow for some accessibility support for



> Take care,

> Sean

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