[Athen] Accessibility of ToolTip and Lightbox

Nicaise D ndogbo at gmail.com
Wed Jun 16 06:04:56 PDT 2010

Hi all,
I have a couple of issues and I hope someone can help.
1. Is it possible at this time to make toolTip developed using dojo and ARIA
accessible to screen readers, e.g. JAWS? If yes could someone share a sample
code or point me where I can find sample codes to do that? If no, could
someone recommend or suggest a workaround or alternative to toolTip

2. How about dojo-supported lightbox? We have an implementation using ARIA
that seems to work well with NVDA and System Access but not with JAWS. In
other words, JAWS is not alerted when the lightbox opens thus does not read
its content automatically. Furthermore, JAWS does not see the cancel button
that serves to close the lightbox while NVDA and System Access respond
perfectly well. Could this be a JAWS problem or is there something else we
are not doing? The dilemma here is since around 75% of users use JAWS, we
want to make sure that we can make it work for JAWS users or find a work
around, what would this workaround be? any idea?

Any assistance, advice or guidance with regards to this would be very much



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