[Athen] Accessibility of ToolTip and Lightbox

Ken Petri petri.1 at osu.edu
Wed Jun 16 14:56:43 PDT 2010

Hi Nicaise,

Dojo Dijit Tooltip works out of the box with no modifications in JAWS with
Firefox (3.5+) and IE (tested with version 8). For unknown reasons, it does
not work with NVDA. I am not sure why, because there is no doubt NVDA
supports role alert and role tooltip with Firefox. (You can verify by
checking the examples here: http://test.cita.illinois.edu/aria/.)

As for the lightbox problem, from what you describe, my vote goes with "it's
a JAWS problem."

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On Wed, Jun 16, 2010 at 9:04 AM, Nicaise D <ndogbo at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all,

> I have a couple of issues and I hope someone can help.

> 1. Is it possible at this time to make toolTip developed using dojo and


> accessible to screen readers, e.g. JAWS? If yes could someone share a

> sample

> code or point me where I can find sample codes to do that? If no, could

> someone recommend or suggest a workaround or alternative to toolTip

> functionality?


> 2. How about dojo-supported lightbox? We have an implementation using ARIA

> that seems to work well with NVDA and System Access but not with JAWS. In

> other words, JAWS is not alerted when the lightbox opens thus does not read

> its content automatically. Furthermore, JAWS does not see the cancel button

> that serves to close the lightbox while NVDA and System Access respond

> perfectly well. Could this be a JAWS problem or is there something else we

> are not doing? The dilemma here is since around 75% of users use JAWS, we

> want to make sure that we can make it work for JAWS users or find a work

> around, what would this workaround be? any idea?


> Any assistance, advice or guidance with regards to this would be very much

> appreciated.


> Thanks,


> Nicaise



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