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Terrill Thompson tft at u.washington.edu
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Hi Howard,

There are quite a few free tools available that support the captioning process. I reviewed some of them on my blog a while back:

At the UW we ultimately settled on http://dotsub.com as our tool of choice, and had a team of students doing the captioning. With DotSub you can caption YouTube videos, but you can also upload videos directly without going through YouTube. DotSub has some nice features available for managing a group like this, and that's the tool used by the TED Open Translation Project, which has over 2000 volunteers captioning and subtitling their videos:

Whatever tool you choose, if you need to convert the output, vSync provides a nice converter for that:

Keep us posted on how you decide to proceed - it's good to hear how others are tackling this issue.


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Hello All:

I have a number of videos I want to caption. I know a good deal
about the different tools out there but I wanted to get feedback
on the quickest way at this point, to caption material. The
system that Sean & John demonstrated at AHG was very impressive
but I don't know if this is open to those not affiliated with
Stanford. It seems that YouTube has a tool for automatically
generating captions or am I wrong on this. Anyway, thanks in
advance for your feedback.


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