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Jeffrey Sykes sykesje at gvsu.edu
Thu Mar 11 06:40:22 PST 2010

Hi Howard,

We are using an outside service - Automatic Sync Technologies - to generate the caption file. They employ transcribers who can create a transcript, or you can submit your own transcript. The typical turnaround time is 3 days when they create the transcript. Creating the caption file in AST's system takes just minutes, so if you submit your own transcript you can have results very quickly.

We then embed the caption file on the video to produce an open captioned video here in-house.

If you are captioning online media, Overstream can host the caption file and link to the video, as long as the video is on supported sites.



Jeff Sykes
Assistive Technology Coordinator
Disability Support Services
Division of Inclusion and Equity
Grand Valley State University

>>> Howard Kramer <Howard.Kramer at Colorado.EDU> 03/10/2010 3:22 PM >>>

Hello All:

I have a number of videos I want to caption. I know a good deal
about the different tools out there but I wanted to get feedback
on the quickest way at this point, to caption material. The
system that Sean & John demonstrated at AHG was very impressive
but I don't know if this is open to those not affiliated with
Stanford. It seems that YouTube has a tool for automatically
generating captions or am I wrong on this. Anyway, thanks in
advance for your feedback.


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