[Athen] Help with sites for accessible scientific books

John Gardner john.gardner at orst.edu
Thu Mar 11 17:15:59 PST 2010

Hello all. Gaeir Diedrich, Neil Soiffer, and I are giving a talk on
"Accomodating Math in Higher Ed" at the CSUN conference. We are
preparing a resource list, something that people have greatly
appreciated in the past, on nearly everything we can think of that is
helpful. One such thing is a list of libraries and other places where
one can find accessible math or science books in some accessible form.
Our list presently includes ATPC, Louis Database, RFBD, and Bookshare.
There must be others, but we are coming up blank. We will appreciate
names and URL's of other sites where one can obtain math or science
books in braille, recorded audio, DAISY, or any other accessible format.


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