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Also, check out the usefulness of Read Write Gold's (and I think Kurzweil too does this) ability to convert to MathML and read outloud via IE. Uses Math Type for input. Won't eliminate the reader/human being support for the reading for input portion. Another possibility is Dragon with MathTalk & Scientific Notebook which do a good job for the student in being able to compose the math & print it out for his instructor. Dragon can capture what was spoken & play back a recording of what was spoken, but this combo does not "read" what was typed.


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The challenge is getting the material into a form accessible to the
student. That student also needs to produce work using tools that are not
only accessible for him, but also for sighted instructors/TAs.

WinTriangle may be a good option. http://www.wintriangle.com/
You'll still need to assemble the material for him.

A few years ago we had great success with a couple of students who
knew/learned LaTeX -- it's a scientific markup language that may be used
throughout your campus in a variety of departments. That's the format that
Scientific Notebook can produce, btw. We had a team of student workers who
converted textbook material to LaTeX which was then made accessible to our
students, either in embossed Nemeth or in an electronic file. The student
workers were hired based on their knowledge of the material and LaTeX.

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On Wed, 12 May 2010, Hong, Glenda E wrote:


> I have a student that is trying to figure out how to continue his math studies using JAWS rather than

> reader/scribes. The math labs aren’t accessible and he prefers auditory access to his work, so the

> reader/scribes are working currently but as the math classes get more advanced is there a way to use Dragon

> Naturally Speaking/Scientific Notebook/Math Talk to be able to work on his own. He has some Braille skills

> but does not know Nemeth and seldom uses Braille as his way of reading a book or gathering information. I

> would be interested to know how he could reasonably work when a reader/scribe is not available to work with

> him. Thank you for any help or advice you can offer. gh

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