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E.A. Draffan ea at emptech.info
Sat May 15 14:53:57 PDT 2010

I would love to include this idea as a LexDis strategy to help others ..
please may I add it in a similar way to ones we have already?

Best wishes E.A.

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OK, this is really low cost (free) and you already own it: highlight text in
Word, then use the Find/Replace function to replace all the non-highlighted
text with line breaks. Specific steps for Windows [Mac commands in

1) Highlight text in desired colors (perhaps using a highlighting strategy
such as headers in yellow, sub-heads in green, details in blue, etc.)

2) Save the document with a different name (important) -- this will become
the extracted text document

3) Select Home > Editing > Replace [Edit > Replace...]

4) Click "More" [click that little down-facing triangle] to expose more

5) With the cursor in the Find text box, select Format > Highlight;
"Format: Highlight" appears below text box

6) Select Format > Highlight again; label under text box changes to
"Format: Not Highlight"

7) Place cursor in the Replace text box and select Special > Paragraph Mark
(essentially, a line break)

8) Click Replace All -- all the non-highlighted text is replaced with a
single line break, leaving the highlighted text in the order it originally

And if you can write a macro for this, you'll have one-step extraction of
highlighted text in Word!

I haven't figured a way to automatically reformat by highlight color, but if
you switch to Outline view, it will be easier to manually indent or outdent
selected notes by color.

- Shelley


Shelley Haven ATP, RET

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On May 14, 2010, at 10:45 AM, CUTLER_ELLEN wrote:


Are any of you familiar with a program that can extract highlighted text? If
the text could be extracted hierarchically based on color as Kurzweil does,
that would be an amazing bonus. We are looking for a low to no-cost solution
that only needs to be able to extract highlighted text from a program that
provides highlighting like Word.

Thanks so much.


Ellen Cutler

Santa Monica College

Disabled Student Services, High Tech Training Center

1900 Pico Blvd.

Santa Monica, CA 90405


cutler_ellen at smc.edu

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