[Athen] Secure Testing Question

Jeffrey Dell jeffreydell99 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 2 11:42:13 PDT 2010

Our Law school uses Exam4. This software blocks everything from
running with it including Assistive Technology Products. It is
probably not good for your application but it is probably the type of
software that you heard about.

On 11/2/10, Dave M. Thomas <Dave.M.Thomas at studentlife.du.edu> wrote:

> Good day!


> We have 5 laptops available for SWDs to use for accommodated testing.

> Sometimes we have more than 5 students who need computers for testing. I am

> trying to secure funding to purchase additional laptops.


> Question: Is there software that can be installed onto student computers

> that will prevent them from leaving a test document or which will prevent

> students from returning to a test if they open the internet or other

> documents that could be used to guard against cheating?


> A coworker hinted that such software exists but I have never heard of such a

> program.


> Thank you for any responses.


> Dave



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