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This answer is going to disappoint you, but I don't think any of the people
working on Second Life for blind people have got as far as scripting. And I
think the biggest problem you are going to face is that in general viewers
designed for blind people do not provide exactly the same information or in
the same ways that viewers for the sighted do, so blind students may not
understand the result of their scripting in the same way. I am not going to
tell you this isn't possible, but I will tell you that it will be a
substantial accommodation.

Here is a list of IDEs for SL, you could also check if some of them are
accessible: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LSL_Alternate_Editors

Keep in mind that you'll need an accessible Second Life client, too, for the
blind person to effectively understand the results of their scripting, move
around in world, talk to other students, etc. Accessible viewers include
the Virtual GuideDog + MaxVoice Plus (a scripted wearable object + a
screenreader that plugs into the main viewer), Radegast (a text-based viewer
that is also very accessible), and IBM's Kestrel. An accessible
registration portal is at virtualability.org - my freelance team built that
and could build a custom one for you.

Your best bet might be to ask Latif Khalifa, the developer of Radegast, or
Charles Morris, the developer of the Virtual GuideDog, if an accessible IDE
might be work-for-hire one of them is interested in doing. My friend
Meadhbh Hamrick might also be interested in doing it.

Please feel free to shoot Second Life questions my way; I also do paid
consulting around Second Life & educational accessibility and have
colleagues who do other kinds of Second Life work if you're interested in
retaining someone's services.


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