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Here's one I use often and that users often like.

For the many users who are still using XP, the Intellimouse mouse driver from Microsoft provides access to a free lens magnifier that can be set up to be toggled on/off using the scroll wheel button, which makes it super quick and convenient. This can be helpful for users who need a backup in case their main magnification software crashes or doesn't load or for users who only need occasional spot magnification. Often people/offices have an old Microsoft USB mouse with a scroll wheel sitting in the closet from a previous computer that can be used to make this solution a free one. Once the driver is installed you just assign the Magnify feature to the scroll wheel button (pressing the scroll wheel in, which most people aren't using for something else). But, it is important to note that that option will only be there when you have a mouse plugged in that the software recognizes as a Microsoft mouse.

Intellimouse can be downloaded here.


The tricky party is how you resize the lens or change the magnification. You have to hold down the scroll wheel button and then move the mouse or roll the scroll wheel at the same time, which takes s little getting used to.

Windows 7 has a lens magnifier built in so it removes the requirement to have a Microsoft branded mouse.

Good luck with your presentation,


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Hi all Athen-ites

Am looking for contributions from you all to add to a presentation this week

The BEST low cost/no cost technology solutions for new to the field AT folks
or one wo/man shows in disability services.

Your great off the cuff solutions will be added to the presentation workshop
on Friday and available after the conference.

Thanks for any and all ideas. You're the best!




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