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Our process is very similar to what John described.

•Who makes the initial referral? Counselor/Assistive Technology Specialist
•Is it collaborative effort?

The initial referral is made by whomever talks with the student at the
registration meeting - usually one of the Accommodation Counselors. But it
could also be the director or assistant director.

•Who authorizes the final accommodation for e-text etc.?

After the registration meeting, the student and I meet to discuss specific
issues the student struggles with when attempting to access print, various
formats, as well as aspects which John describe ("nature of the disability,
whether or not the student has a computer - and is it Mac or PC, etc.") I
make the final determination based on the student's registration meeting
notes, the AT meeting, as well as disability documentation information.

•Are students required to show competency in using computer assistive
technology such Text-to-Speech?

No. Use of technology (software such as how to use DAISY) is demonstrated
during our AT meeting, and the lab manger as well as myself are available to
help a student should they have any difficulty once they receive their alt
media (and software or hardware).

•Is the process the same for each student or does it vary?

"The general process is the same. The nature of the accommodation varies."

Any information you can provided regarding the approval process for alt
media (i.e. e-text, audio, etc.) would be greatly appreciated!

"The approval process is for the general accommodation. The specific
accommodation is worked out with the student." During the AT meeting, I
demonstrate DAISY (AMIS), TextAloud, and other software as might be
necessary. This allows the student to have a better understanding of what
is available and to see how he/she might utilize a specific format.


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