[Athen] Compatibility between Windows 7 and assistive tech?

Dan Comden danc at uw.edu
Wed Apr 13 15:36:16 PDT 2011

If your campus is moving to the 32 bit version of Windows7, I suspect
you won't see many problems.

If the move is to the 64 bit version, you'll need the newest versions
of TextHelp, NatSpeak and ZoomText. If you're providing JAWS via
network, that will need an update as well. As I avoid K-3000, I can't
speak for that product.

Your best bet is to contact the vendors directly. We've had some of
the installers not work properly in the 64 bit environment but nothing
that couldn't be solved via phone or email support.

-*- Dan

On Wed, Apr 13, 2011 at 10:02 AM, Jean M Salzer <jeano at uwm.edu> wrote:

> Hi everyone,


> I know this has been discussed before, but now that my campus is moving all

> campus pcs to Windows 7, they've asked me about compatibility, and I of

> course, didn't take notes. Please advise as to best version of each. Our

> campus has the following:


> Kurzweil 3000

> Jaws for Windows

> Zoomtext

> TextHelp Read and Write Gold

> Dragon Naturally Speaking


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