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I've received this particular response from Cambridge before, but I actually have the time right now to delve into this. How have you - any or all - dealt with this? I've requested to speak with the permissions manager at Cambridge to discuss the discriminatory nature of their decision, but thought I'd put this out here to see what others have done.

RE: Atmospheric Pollution: History, Science, and Regulation
Mark Z. Jacobson
Hardback 9780521811712
Paperback 9780521010443
Adobe eBook Reader ISBN 9780511252594

Dear Jean,

Thank you for your request.

This book is currently available in ebook format. When we have a book
available in ebook format, the student must purchase the ebook. We cannot
provide any other electronic text.

We encourage students and/or Disability Resource Depts. to check first to
find out if a book is available in ebook format before purchasing a print
format book.

You may find out additional information and purchase the book at the
following link:


If the student has already purchased the print version and you are able to
scan the book and create an electronic version for your own use, you have
our permission to do so.

Please note that we have just entered into an agreement with Bookshare to
make Cambridge University Press titles available in an accessible format
through Bookshare's global online library of content for readers with print
disabilities. Over the next few months we will be uploading backlist and
frontlist titles to the Bookshare service, and we suggest that you check
the availability of an accessible version of Cambridge titles with them at
www.bookshare.org .

We also suggest that you sign up for a Bookshare membership (free to
students) by going to the membership link on their website:

Thank you for your interest in Cambridge University Press publications.



Jean Salzer, Sr. Counselor
BVI Program/Alternative Text Coordinator
Student Accessibility Center
414-229-5660, Mitchell Hall B16

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.
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