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Wink Harner winkharner at mesacc.edu
Thu Feb 3 13:12:09 PST 2011

It IS what I'm looking for. This is a sighted individual who stutters and
wants to be able to use the computer to "speak" for him in front of the

I think this would be the easiest solution, but I'm having a terrible time
finding the built-in software to do it.


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You have to install/launch the language bar for the TTS, handwriting
recognition or speech recognition in Word 2003. This tool is primarily for
an XP based system. The Language bar tools were integrated into the
operating system with Vista and Win 7.


http://support.microsoft.com/kb/826851 The Language Bar is also the
interface for the handwriting on a tablet.

Note that the language bar is not usable by keyboard and is a mouse
dependent tool.

Is this what you were looking for?

I wrote something up on using the Language Bar and can try to find it if you
send me a post off list.

Cheers, Karen

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Hi all ATHEN Peeps,

We have a student who wants to use the speech output via accessibility
options to have MSW 2003 & a text version of his presentations be output via
a speaker hooked up to the classroom computer.

I've gone through everything on the control panel, on the office document
button & word options, and cannot for the life of me figure out how to turn
this on & off. I must be having a complete brain stall on this.

Can anyone give me a quick step process for this?

Thanks in advance, o wise peeps.


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