[Athen] EdgeWrite text entry, now for iPad/iPod/iPhone

Shelley Haven ShelleyHaven at techpotential.net
Mon Feb 7 22:53:36 PST 2011

OK, this is pretty cool!

EdgeWrite is an ingenious text entry method which allows individuals without fine motor skills to "write" letters. The user must only be able to hit the four corners of a square and slide along the edges in a preset sequence -- for example, tracing from upper left to lower left to lower right produces an "L"; tracing all four edges and returning to the start yields an "O". See more info here:

The concept lends itself to a number of different input devices -- joystick, stylus working within a raised guide, trackpad, four keyboard keys, and now iOS devices (free!):

I've used earlier incarnations with some success and have been eagerly awaiting an iOS version. It even includes limited word prediction. I plan to use it with a 5th grade client who has CP.

It often helps to create a raised guide (of acrylic or whatever) to define the edges and limit the user's fingers. See the "Stylus (Palm OS)" and "Touchpad" links for examples.

Have fun!

- Shelley

Shelley Haven ATP, RET
Assistive Technology Consultant

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