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It also seems that folks are mixing up text to audio software with screen
reader software. They are different kinds of animals and typically used for
different purposes for the most part. NVDA would be considered a
ScreenReader since it is intended to provide access to the GUI of the
computer for someone who has little or no ability to use the standard

Text to audio software such as ReadPlease are text access software that
typically provide audio and basic things like highlighting to and individual
who has issues accessing standard text. Too often I have sees campuses
intend to serve the higher end needs for a screenreader with these lower end
products to bad results.

Ron Stewart

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EmpTech has a list of free screen readers and text to speech programs but
they are under separate categories under the heading of Reading - If you
go to http://www.emptech.info/categories_list.php?M=1 there is a short
list. Hope this helps.

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> Hi Milt,


> Sorry that I don't have time to comment on more than one but, I do use and

> like Natural Reader and like it for several reasons:

> 1- with the full screen, the sentences being read are highlighted with

> each

> word ividivually highlight to help the reader track

> 2- you can minimze (make a small radio front that sits on your desktop,

> when

> you open a doc or website, you can highlight the target text and push the

> play button on the little radio pane and the text is read aloud.

> 3. Brain freeze on the voice options but, needles to say, the free voices

> are okay but better if you purchase the upgrade.

> I recently purchased a system with Window 7 and haven't played with it

> on

> this OS, yet. <smile>


> brief but it's a start -Nettie


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>> Does anyone have (1) a list of the free screen readers available and (2)

>> any experience with the free screen readers that would be willing to

>> share

>> the benefits and cautions of them?




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