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1.) NVDA, Thunder and SaToGo are all free (donationware).
Mac has VoiceOver free
Vinux or Linux has Orca free

2.) Utah State U has this great screenreader review (with another to be
published shortly) describing NVDA, at least, compared with commercial
WebAIM: Screen Reader User Survey Results

Having taught several commercial screenreaders, my clients and I find it
refreshing to be able to use the free NVDA, for example, and save $900
plus yearly upgrade costs.

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On 2/14/11 5:43 PM, Kelly Ford wrote:


> The main free screen reader is NVDA. See www.nvda-project.org

> <http://www.nvda-project.org>.


> System Access has a free screen reader for temporary use at

> www.satogo.com <http://www.satogo.com> but you should review the usage

> policy that comes up after you launch this product as it states that

> it is only for temporary use and not meant as a replacement screen

> reader. The company has other versions for purchase.


> The biggest caution I'd say, and this is true for both pay and free,

> is you need to know if the screen reader you select is going to work

> with the apps and environment where it needs to be used. Discussion

> with the company and trial are to me the best ways to still determine

> this.


> Kelly


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> Does anyone have (1) a list of the free screen readers available and

> (2) any experience with the free screen readers that would be willing

> to share the benefits and cautions of them?


> Milt Johnson


> Utah State University


> Assistive Technology Learning Center (ATLC)



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