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Posted on behalf of Andrew Ashby, Assistive Technologist at Queen's:

Please excuse cross-postings; we didn't want to miss anyone who might have a
solution to this... Thanks!

Hi all,

I've come across the situation where a student who is blind is taking a
statistics course requiring the use of stats software to crunch data and
create graphs for analysis. The student is a Jaws user but the stats
software being used is PASW version 18 (formerly known as SPSS).

Our AT Lab has Jaws version 12 and PASW v18 and in testing them together I
found that Jaws isn't usable with PASW since it seems to be programmed in
Java. I thought I found a solution for this online where you create a Java
Access Bridge

(???) in Jaws but it doesn't seem to work with Jaws v12. I tried statistical
software called 'R', but it too doesn't seem to work well with Jaws.

So my question is has anyone come across this sort of situation before? If
so, what solution did you use? Is there statistics software out there
compatible with Jaws v12?

The only solution I can see right now is trying to use MS Excel. Jaws v12
now has a "virtual ribbon" that makes the ribbon menu in Office 2007/2010
more accessible.

Any thoughts or solutions would be greatly appreciated.


Andrew Ashby - AT Queen's University

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