[Athen] Sharing Jaws and Zoomtext licenses Across Subnets?

Jeffrey Dell jeffreydell99 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 22 06:38:24 PST 2011

With JAWS you are only opening up the server to requests for licenses.
You are granting them no permissions. There is no problem with
security there. ZoomText on the other hand you need to give some
access. You only need to permit access for reading the folder and
write only if you want to save user profiles to the server. Ai
Squared really needs to rethink the way they do authorization on a
network in their next version I really think the way they do it is
cheap and causes significant problems for IT professionals in serving
their users.

On 2/21/11, Al Puzzuoli <alpuzz at msu.edu> wrote:

> Hi Jeff,


> Thanks for the reply. My concern is that these machines are scattered

> across buildings, in different labs throughout campus. I am therefore

> worried about firewall and security issues, as well as preserving the

> integrity of our licenses. . For example in the case of Zoomtext, I wouldn’t

> mind exposing a shared folder to everyone in a small office setting; However

> doing so on a campus wide level makes the me with the IT hat cringe in

> terror.


> Similar concerns with Jaws. If I were to just open the appropriate ports to

> the world, anyone who knew the right IP could set their machine to access

> the server. I guess there’s a lot of security to be had through obscurity,

> so the odds of that happening are rather small but still … Not sure how to

> do this without a lot of complicated firewall rules.

> --Al



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> For jaws do local installs instead of network installs of the program.

> Create a system environment variable with the name LSFOREHOST and variable

> that is the IP address of the license server on the computer u want jaws to

> run.

> For zt create a generic user with read access to the zt folder map the

> folder on the computer want zt to run This should make the folder available

> to all users on the machine. If the server is not on the use the IP of the

> server instead of the UNC for zt server install and to map the folder.

> Jeff


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> On Feb 21, 2011, at 11:40 AM, Al Puzzuoli

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> At MSU, we are using server based licenses for most of our AT . Our primary

> network of labs spans the majority of campus. The labs are on their own

> network segment and the license servers work just fine. However, we are

> increasingly dealing with situations in which departments have set up their

> own labs. In these scenarios, I’m not finding many perfect solutions. We

> have enough concurrent licenses to go around, but no good way of

> distributing them.


> The zoomtext license server is a joke when it comes to security. It requires

> that a shared folder be exposed and read, and I think also write permissions

> be granted to everyone. Definitely not something I would want to open up for

> campus wide use. I know there is a dongle based version of Zoomtext, but

> that introduces its own set of problems. First of all, I don’t feel that we

> should have to spend any more money because we have already bought the

> number of licenses we need. Then there are the headaches associated with

> keeping track of the dongles.


> Jaws presents similar issues. I think the security is better on the Jaws

> license server, but I’m unsure as to whether it can be effectively shared

> between subnets. I suppose it might be possible to set up some firewall

> rules wherein the proper ports are opened to certain IP addresses or certain

> subnets? Has anyone done this?

> Thanks for any thoughts,



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