[Athen] MathType and Publish as Mathpage

John Gardner john.gardner at orst.edu
Sat Jun 11 16:26:19 PDT 2011

Hi all, I agree with Ron that if this gets fixed, it will have to be done by
Design Science. Even though it is Microsoft who broke it. It's a good idea
to write to DSI tech support, but it's also a good idea to Twitter about it
so that a wider community knows about the problem. Maybe MS might actually
give DSI some help in fixing it? But I doubt it. ViewPlus asked MS to fix
an Office 2010 bug that caused a TSS problem, and they weren't willing to do
so. FYI ViewPlus has created a good workaround that will be available
within a few days. And DSI can do it too, so please encourage them,
especially by saying nice things about their commitment to accessibility!


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Hi folks, not sure how many of you have upgraded to Word 2010 but just
wanted to let you know that it break the publish to Mathpage option in
MathType. I found out the hard way, and now have to take my computer to
Office 2007 so I can get my work done. While the problem was created by
Microsoft when the removed the save to web functionality in Office 2010 it
is something that perhaps Design Science can fix if they get some motivation
to do so. Please contact DS tech support and ask them to repair this, it
really takes STEM access back a few steps.

Ron Stewart

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