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Thu Jun 16 04:05:29 PDT 2011

Hi Everyone:

I'm trying to find an Ed.D. program that is not traditional in that I do not
intend to go into research or an academic environment and doesn't have a
mandatory "you must live here and do one year full time.".

This is what I need:

1. I cannot take time away from my business to do the degree so no
residence or full time "have to be here" and give up working requirements.

2. I need it to be online and flexible in that some semesters I might be
able to take a full course load while in others I would need to do a
part-time course load.

3. The final "thesis" needs to be practical and something related to my
work and business.not a statistics based research paper but something more
innovative or even something like writing another book.

Everything I've looked at has either a "traditional" research paper and/or
requirements to give up working and be on-site for a year. As someone who
owns their own business and can't take a year off this is not realistic. For
some reasons doctoral studies haven't evolved much to meet the needs of
students.or so it seems.

Again I am looking for a more practical doctorate that makes use of my work
and is flexible to my needs. I know here in Ontario there are a lot of us
who are looking for practical doctorates but so far all we've done is
express our needs and desires but am not sure any of us have taken it to the
next step to try and either find one or make one.

Even if I could find something that would let me learn a new technology and
then apply it as a final "project" or demonstration of skill level, this
would be great.

Any ideas?

Cheers, Karen

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