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Susanne Mistric svmistric at waketech.edu
Tue May 10 05:43:50 PDT 2011

Although I believe that the best case scenario for optimum accuracy
would be to retrain Dragon in the new OS environment, I have a colleague
who did save and transfer her Dragon 10.1 Preferred voice files with
better than I expected results just last week. That said, I have
personally found that the capabilities with voice recognition in the
Windows 7 64 bit environment are so much better across the board than
Vista or XP, I'd suggest starting fresh. I think it will be worth the
time and effort. If you have the time, that is! Dragon is definitely a
faculty favorite accessible course content creation time saver on our

Happy Dragon Training!

Susanne Van Dorpe Mistric

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svmistric at waketech.edu

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