[Athen] Benchmarking Community College Accessibility Programs

Susanne Mistric svmistric at waketech.edu
Tue May 10 08:50:14 PDT 2011

Our Community College president has challenged each employee to
benchmark his position with the best in the country. We are asked to
communicate with high achieving peers in other states, preferably at the
Community College level, to find out what they are doing that we might
implement in our program at Wake Tech. In the past, I know that my
department head (distance education) have a very difficult time finding
someone at her level to communicate with. With a great resource like
this list serve, I thought I would ask if anyone in this group would be
willing to participate. It will involve a brief questionnaire, and
perhaps one or two follow up phone calls or video conferences over a
period of several months. I'm the first accessibility specialist
(distance education faculty training and support) at Wake Tech, and I
would really like to raise the bar high. I'd be forever grateful to
anyone willing to work with me on this project. Our school is definitely
at a turning point accessibility wise as our online learning department
continues to expand, and your input could be a catalyst for future
ACCESSIBLE growth! Thanks so much.

Susanne Van Dorpe Mistric

Blackboard Student Support
Accessibility Evangelist/Trainer
Distance Education Support Department
Academic Support Division
Wake Technical Community College
Main Campus LE37A

svmistric at waketech.edu

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