[Athen] Update - (ICT) guidelines and standards in the rulemaking

Laurie Vasquez Vasquez at sbcc.edu
Mon Oct 10 09:02:33 PDT 2011


t its July 13, 2011 meeting, the Access Board approved a motion to
place the latest draft of the Information and Communications
Technologies (ICT) guidelines and standards in the rulemaking docket
once the Board*s ad hoc committee completed its work on the draft,
which was expected to be the end of September. The Board approved this
motion to facilitate collecting cost information and promote
harmonization with standards efforts in Europe. Unfortunately, our work
was not completed when we expected.

However, work will be completed before the Board*s next meeting in
November. Therefore, the staff will be asking the Board to approve the
next version of the ICT rulemaking on November 9. The next version will
be an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking; a public comment period
will be provided on the ANPRM. This ANPRM will make changes in content
and structure from the first ANPRM that was issued in March 2010. If the
ANPRM is approved by the Board on November 9, we expect that it will be
published in the Federal Register and made available on our website and
Regulations.gov in early December.

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