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Math can be made JAWS-readable by a semi-skilled production worker using MathType. The final output is HTML, and the end user reads in Internet Explorer with the MathPlayer plugin. Both products are available from Design Science, www.dessci.com<http://www.dessci.com>. MathPlayer is free, MathType is relatively inexpensive; the person producing the math e-book will need an understanding of the math content they are producing in order to enter it correctly. We scan the textbooks and OCR them for the text content, then do the math editing by hand at the same time as any cleanup from the scanning process that might be required.
Hope this helps,

Teresa LW Haven, Ph.D.
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Greeting all,

I have a blind ESL student who is trying to pass his college math requirement and is attempting an accounting major. I have been fortunate to find his books in Learning Ally, so far, but know my luck can't hold. The student doesn't read Braille at the level needed for higher math. He is currently using JAWS and a Braille display note taker that converts rtf files.

My question is does anyone have a reasonable way to turn highly technical materials, such as math books, into screen reader friendly format (rtf, doc, pdf) on a production basis?


Ken Billingsley
Alternative Media Specialist
Center for Persons with Disabilities (CPD)
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