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Although you can use ZoomText on a tablet, in order to use digital ink or a stylus, you have to use Magnifier in the Windows OS.

I've written a book on using a tablet like the Motion Computing tablet if you have a disability. It was a free download from my web site and I'll send it to you once I'm back in the office.

I've done educational assessments for students with visual disabilities...and have used a tablet computer myself with digital ink/stylus, OneNote and Magnifier.

Will send more information tomorrow.

BTW, there is an add-in for OneNote 2010 for algebra and calculus. It is free.

Cheers, Karen

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On 2011-09-08, at 5:03 PM, Jennifer Maxwell <jen.maxwell78 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi All,


> I am currently looking for a tablet and stylus that can be used as a stand alone input device. I need something that can interface well with ZoomText and OneNote for the purpose of writing Calculus.Entering a radical that is in the numerator of a fraction that is part of a definite integral, is extremely time consuming to enter with current math editors. I used to have an HP laptop/tablet that did not work well. The reason being that the screen was used for input and output, and tracking was difficult.


> I seem to recall a device there used to be used with the iLinc whiteboard software that allowed the instructor to write onto any PC from this device. Can anyone recommend any stand alone tablets?


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> Jennifer Maxwell

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