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Does the media player from the streaming server have the capability to find and play the ASX or SMIL files? Sometimes, a media player cannot synchronize an external caption file or open an SMIL/ASX file for video playback. A lot of times a player can only play captions when the info is embedded in the file container, like an MP4 file container.

I am somewhat sure your issue is related to the media player that is installed on your streaming server .

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I am looking for guidance on how to get captions to play with a video hosted on a streaming server.

A department on campus has a commercial video (with proper permissions) on a streaming server. They have obtained a CD from the production company that has three different formats of the video (WMV, MOV and FLV), as well as the proper caption file formats for each. So far, I have been unsuccessful in getting captions to play when the video is streaming.

I have tried having the ASX file and the SMI file on the server with the WMV. I have also tried having the ASX file and the SMI file on a local hard drive with the WMV on the server. I've clicked on the ASX file rather than have it embedded in a web page. Does that make a difference in this situation?

Thanks in advance for any ideas or resources you can provide!


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