[Athen] forms in Excel need to be accessible

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You can't convert the form controls from Office applications.or others into
a PDF form/document. The form controls have to be added in the PDF document.

You might try protecting all of the Excel worksheet except the form controls
which is a technique I know is used for Word forms, This does mean that
people will only have access to the form controls and none of the
text/instructions. There might be a way to section off parts of the form.I
think there is in Word.but am not sure.

Here is the FS tutorial for Accessible Word forms.

Keep in mind that if you want to use the Excel worksheet as the template for
a form you have to use Print > Adobe PDF and not add Tags before you add the
form controls.

Of course I'm dying to ask why Excel...

Cheers, Karen

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I'm working with a unit that has a number of forms in Excel that need to be
accessible. The forms include edit fields, radio buttons, and checkboxes.
I'm not aware of a way to make the Excel forms accessible, so I'd like to
convert them to something else that is accessible.

Is an accessible PDF form the best option available? If so, has anyone had
experience converting a form in Excel into an accessible PDF? I'm going to
guess it won't be as simple as just "save as PDF".

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.



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