[Athen] Using HD webcam as portable magnifier?

Ron Stewart ron at ahead.org
Thu Apr 5 09:49:11 PDT 2012

How about an HD Camcorder of some sort? I am not aware of any webcams, even
HD, that have the throw range to get usable information from the board. I
have done this in two ways, with the camcorder connected to a decent display
at the students seat, and with the student recording the material for
viewing later in a more private space. You could also directly plug the
camcorder into a MacBook with an appropriate adapter I do believe.

Ron Stewart

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Hello all,

Has anyone tried using an HD webcam for a laptop as a substitute for a
portable magnifier in the classroom?

I am familiar with the "portable" options like the Clarity PCMate and the
Onyx Swing Arm, but these are designed for Windows computers and I am
dealing with a Mac. Additionally, there is a desire to have a very discreet
solution such that it does not take up much space in the class.

Most webcams are designed for video chat or displaying an image that is
within a few feet of the camera, but has anyone tried an HD version? I am
thinking about options where the student sits in the front of the class with
images displayed on chalkboards/whiteboards.

Take care,

Sean Keegan
Associate Director, Assistive Technology Office of Accessible Education -
Stanford University http://studentaffairs.stanford.edu/oae
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